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Dec 10, 2019

Can you recognize the need for intervention? How would you deal with a suicidal patient? Dr. Andrew Rothschild, is back as UPS Podcast cohost with a powerful story on connecting with and motivating a patient from suicide to strength training.

Nov 17, 2019

In this podcast, Jason joins Erson again for their semi quarterly podcast! Foot drop is normally difficult if it's spinal in origin. When your screens are inconclusive and your treatment is ineffective, what's next? Listen to this quick and interesting story for a great differential diagnosis.

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Nov 8, 2019

In this episode of Untold Physio Stories podcast, Erson reunites with super friend and former podcast host Jason Shane from Shane Physiotherapy.

Erson recounts how his knee has been very stiff, painful and clicking recently and what he tried to "fix" it.

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Oct 30, 2019

Can podcast stories be fun and sad? Sure! In this episode Dana and Erson try to one up each other on ridiculous things patients have heard from providers. With doctors like these, who needs enemies?

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Oct 14, 2019

"I feel it right in my joint!" It's a common complaint from many patients. Deep, specific pain. In most cases, an x-ray or MRI isn't needed an only leads to poor outcomes secondary to increasing fear avoidance. We try our best using patient education, and active strategies to keep people moving. In some cases, a scan...