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Aug 25, 2016

Is something out of place-

Is all pain due to an anterior related pelvis?  What if a guru taught you  this was the case?  Jesse Awenus shares a story from when he was a new grad and was exposed to, bought in, and then rejected this appealing concept.  To keep up and read his excellent blogs, visit

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Aug 15, 2016

Black electrical american standard cord on white

Therapeutic Ultrasound – Do you use it?  In this episode Dr. Kory Zimney shares a story where Ultrasound substantially improved a patient’s back pain, 8/10 pain to 2/10 pain…but not for the reason you may think.  To keep up with Kory, follow him on twitter @zimneykj

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Aug 15, 2016

Girl Sitting On The Floor And Wondering What To Do

A patient is presented with two options, an more aggressive approach that may flare them up but have faster results or, less aggressive and take longer.  The patient choose the “faster” approach…listen in to find out what happens.  Thanks to Gene Shirokobrod for returning for a follow up episode.

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