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May 31, 2016


In this episode of Untold Physio Stories hear the story of a fast responding patient with cervical radiculopathy who responded better to “good cop” than “bad cop.”  That, and get to hear Erson’s Texas accent.

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May 18, 2016


In our sixth episode of Untold Physio Stories we have our first guest, Dr. Ryan DeBell of The Movement Fix .  In this episode Ryan shares the story of prescribing spinal flexion (rounding your back) to solve a case of back pain.

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May 12, 2016

Soccer Sport Ball Playing Soccer Player Kick Off Kicking

In our fifth episode of Untold Physio Stories hear the compelling story of a patient who not only tears one Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), but tears his other one a year later.  Jason and Erson discuss; is it possible to prevent ACL injuries?

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May 12, 2016

UNITED STATES - CIRCA 2007: US Postage stamp depicting the Star Wars character Yoda, circa 2007.

In our fourth episode of Untold Physio Stories, Jason shares the story of a patient he worked with who had a chronic case of tennis elbow (lateral epiconylagia) and the benefits of having a mentor.  In this case Jason’s mentor is the co-host of this podcast, Dr. Erson Religioso.  Be sure to listen for a guest...

May 8, 2016

street post with promises ave and reality way signs

In our third episode of Untold Physio Stories, Erson recounts the story of Sandy, one of his favorite patients of all time.   As Erson says, Sandy is the complete opposite of a “crotchety” patient.  Listen to find out why manual techniques don’t “fix” Sandy’s headaches and why this story gets Erson...